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About Me

Brylee Alexander - blogger, copywriter, marketer. Do you want your business blog to provide value, convey your company’s standards in a way that resonates with your customers, and rank in search results? Are you ready to engage with your customers through social media and a thriving comment section?


It’s time to call in a pro!


I’m a blogger, copywriter, content creator and digital marketer for hire. My quality content is optimized for search engines and social media while maintaining its value to your customers.


I’m certified in inbound and email marketing, providing an edge in producing content that meets your needs and helps you achieve your goals.


The skills I provide achieve everyday business goals. Some common goals;

  • Attract new visitors
  • Establish authority in your field
  • Gain a social media following


As a millennial mother of a toddler and a special-needs teen, I know how precious time is. I have personal interest and experience in;

  • Blogging and digital marketing
  • Parenting
  • Being a homemaker
  • Raising toddlers and special needs children
  • Being a work-at-home parent


Why me?


I’m a people person, with an eye for detail and the drive to meet deadlines. My work ethic exceeds expectations – every time.


If you need content that drives traffic, engages an audience, and provides value to your customers, I’m the writer you want. I know how to produce click-worthy copy that ranks in Google and shows your audience that you mean business. Ready to get started? Get in touch!

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