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Published Work

These are just a few of the pieces I've written. I've covered a variety of topics and written in a wide array of voices and styles. These are a few of the pieces I'm most proud of.

5 Anxiety Disorder Myths
Science has come a long way toward diagnosing, treating and helping people with mental health disorders. Even so, anxiety disorder myths live on. Furthermore, mental health professionals and the pharmaceutical industry are largely responsible for this commonality. There are enough of these myths to fill a book, but here are five of the most common.
Adopting Autism: The Ups and Downs
This is a personal piece written for one of my favorite autism blogs - I wrote this piece covering the difficulties and fulfillments of adopting my autistic stepson.
Breastfeeding in Public – Should You Use a Nursing Cover?
Breastfeeding in public can be a hot-button topic for parents and non-parents alike. Should you use a cover when breastfeeding in public?
Colic is Driving You and Your Little One Crazy – Here are Some Things You Can Do
The word colic strikes fear into any parent who knows what it is. Why? Because it can be one of the first real difficulties in a new baby's life - and it's just as hard on parents and caregivers. What can you do?
Many Words One Voice
Many Words One Voice is a blog dedicated to mental health, wellness and info geared toward the elderly and people with mental or physical disabilities.
President Trump Quoted as Saying Las Vegas Tragedy Was a 'Miracle'
A news piece I wrote for the news giant Blasting News. The topic is a quote from President Donald Trump that went viral but was taken wildly out of context.

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