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Are you in need of a freelance copywriter or blogger in the health and wellness field? Do you need click-worthy content that sets your business a step (or more) ahead of the competition? You can rest easy; you’ve come to the right lady! My specialties include:

  • Producing custom content that generates traffic through social media and Google search
  • Enriching the content I create with a unique voice and unquestionable authority
  • Industry related language; entertaining or informative
  • Writing copy that converts visitors into leads

My content is designed for your company, helping you:

  • Reach your ideal audience and generate growth
  • Establish a social media following
  • Increase your website’s visibility online

Ready to collaborate? Shoot me an email at, reach out to me on Twitter or Linkedin, or fill out my contact form below and let’s create a plan to start achieving your goals!

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